Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Still Here!

I've been a horrible blogger lately. Partly because I have been busy and partly because I have been a little bit down when it comes to my training.

As I had said earlier I have been battling some hip and shoulder issues over the last month. Overuse, inflammation...bottom line...annoying. I am now a certified level 1 CrossFit trainer which I am incredibly excited about. I had a great certification in Dallas at CrossFit Strong and learned a lot. The nutrition aspect was wonderful. The CrossFit nutrition speakers are amazing and incredibly encouraging. I am happy to report my nutrition has been pretty much spot on the last few weeks. Hooray!

Now my shoulder needs to join the party. My goal is to rest it up the next two weeks. No upper body...even if it doesn't hurt. Pull ups have not bothered it so I was doing them anyway. Probably not incredibly smart because I am not getting better. No more. Two weeks. Total rest.

I must get it better so I can start focusing on getting ready for sectionals in March. They are going to be here soon and I want to be ready. Better to rest now than to hurt later. I hope my nutrition will help me recover quickly or at least keep me at a level where it will be easy to return to where I was fairly fast. Thankfully my hip is on the mend I can still run and jump like a perfectly healthy me.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hungry Anyone?

I have had something happen to me over the last few days that has never happened to me...ever.

I haven't been hungry.

I know, crazy right?

Part of me thinks it is because I'm not working out as hard due to my injuries. Which, by the way, are getting so much better! Part of me thinks it could be due to a lot of things going on in my personal life that I am apprehensive about (husband's future job plans). Part of me thinks this second go at strict paleo is just going much better than the first time.

The first month I did paleo I was hungry all the time. I ate things I was supposed to eat, but just in large abundance. Now that I have become much more comfortable with this style of eating, going strict is pretty easy and my body is reacting really well. Instead of snacking on a handful of almonds I have discovered I really only need to eat about six or seven to be satisfied. Instead of craving fruit as a snack in the middle of day, I'm eating 2 oz pieces of chicken breast or homemade turkey sausage. I'm rockin' it!

I made another fun discovery. Avocado oil. I use olive oil on everything, but I have to admit it was getting a bit tired. I picked up some avocado oil last week and have been using that with my lean meats and veggies. It has a great flavor and is still totally paleo friendly! Sometimes it just takes a minor adjustment to make something new and exciting again. I love little victories like that.

Monday, November 2, 2009

New Challange

This time of year it is easy for everyone to make excuses and indulge. Of course, I am a firm believer that sometimes you need to indulge a little to stay sane. It is when the indulging becomes continuous that it becomes a real problem.

Today, for instance, everyone in my office brought in their leftover Halloween candy and treats. Ugh. It is everywhere. So much for out of sight, out of mind. To keep me on track I'm starting strict paleo again today until Thanksgiving. Like I have said, I've been staying pretty clean in my eating, but I need to reignite the fire. I need to get pumped about eating clean again.

Thanksgiving is twenty five days away.

My brother in laws wedding is twenty seven days away.

My week long trip to Mexico is thirty three days away.

I don't need to lose weight or trim down for any of these events, but the challenge to myself to be strict with my paleo diet until these events will make sure I am on point when these events come up and I don't go overboard with mashed potatoes, wedding cake and the constant availability of food during my all inclusive vacation.

What are you doing to get yourself mentally prepared for staying on track during the holidays? Have you been able to make any of your holiday favorites paloe friendly? I hope some of you will join in with me again during the next four weeks of super strict paleo. I'm excited!