Friday, May 14, 2010

Hard Work Pays Off!

This morning I hit a BIG milestone for me. I did "Annie" unbroken. For those of you not well versed with CrossFit lingo, Annie is a workout that has two elements, double unders with a jump rope (two rotations for every jump) and sit ups (unanchored). The rep scheme is 50-40-30-20-10. Double unders have never been a huge weakness. I could get 15 or 20, but when I got fatigued it would drop to 10 or less. They were also never a huge strength. I always admired those at our gym that could knock out 50+ every time like it was no big deal.

Two weeks ago the Mr. had me start doing 200 double unders a day. Of course I wasn't getting better at them if I only did them when they were in workouts! Well, I have been doing 200 a day for the past two weeks. Earlier this week I hit 40 double unders unbroken which was a PR. Today I did Annie and I got every single double under unbroken! It felt effortless and wonderful. Hard work pays off. Set a goal and work towards it. It doesn't always happen fast (like my muscle up!), but if you put in the time it will happen...eventually. I got nine consecutive handstand push ups on Wednesday! I couldn't get one two months ago. My goal is to turn my weaknesses into strengths and that is exactly what is happening.

Tonight is making me a little bit nervous. The Mr. is graduating from medical school and I'm throwing him an after party. I'm having it at a really fabulous pizza joint here in the area called Savastano's. They have amazing deep dish pizza. I know, I can't believe I'm doing this either! Hopefully I'll stay strong, but I do plan on having a little sliver and a tiny piece of graduation cake. How many times will my husband graduate from medical school? Just once! Tomorrow it is back on the straight and narrow just like I have been all week. Like I always say, a small indulgence is fine, just don't let it become common practice!

I also just can't seem to drink enough water lately. It has been tasting sooooooooo good. So clean and refreshing! I must appreciate it more as the weather gets warmer.


  1. 200 double-unders a day?!?!? How on earth do you NOT have shin splints?

  2. Wow, Ginny! Way to go on Annie. And I agree with Allison - my shins would be worthless after doing that many DU's every day. You are amazing!

    Hope you survived Savastano's!