Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The weekend is over. I honestly don't think I could have done a single thing different than what I did. Every single event I gave it 100%. I had nothing left. I have no regrets and no doubts in my performance.

In all honestly, going in the WODs terrified me. I'm not very confident in the snatch, muscle ups are brand new for me and handstand push ups come and go with fatigue. I knew WOD 2 (weighted Cindy) was going to be in my wheel house and I was right. WOD 3 I knew I could handle, but I wasn't sure how I would compare to the other competitors. Here is a quick breakdown of how the weekend went for me.

WOD 1: Max Snatch and OHS
My PR prior to the Regional was 105. I have tried and tired to get 110, but I had been having a complete mental block. I have not been able to make myself get under the bar. I hit 110 my very first attempt with a power snatch after making it to the bar and knocked out my three overhead squats. I think I had a huge smile on my face the whole time. This put me tied for 15th with about four or five other girls.

WOD 2: 10 minute Weighted Cindy (AMRAP 5 pull ups, 10 push ups and 15 air squats)
I love Cindy. She is my home girl. Add a ten pound weight vest though and anything can happen. The standard for this event was new. Chin had to break the vertical plane of the bar (no problems there) and your push ups you could "snake". Basically they let you flop to the ground and the push up however you wanted into a plank position. Kind of strange, but whatever, I went with what I know....strict push ups. I blazed through six or seven rounds and then the vest got me. I got eleven rounds total, good enough to tie me for 5th. Only about five to ten total reps separated me from first place in that event. This pushed me into 6th after day one.

WOD 3: 100 double unders THEN 3 rounds of 10 Deadlifts (185) & 100m sandbag run THEN 1000m row
Mercy. I have never hurt like I hurt during this WOD. As you know, I've been working on the doubles. Thank goodness! I hit 76 (a new PR) unbroken and got in into the rest of the WOD fast. The deadlifts felt awesome and the sandbag run was the most miserable thing I have ever done. I got onto the rower holding a 2:13 pace, I was shooting for 2:08 as anyone who was standing around The Mr. would know because all you could hear him yelling was "2:08! 2:08!" Well, 2:13 was as good as it was going to get. I finished in 10:13, good enough for 7th. 3rd place finished in 10:10. Yes, three seconds separated four places. I felt awesome. I truly surprised myself on that one. I stayed in 6th place going into the final WOD.

WOD 4: 10 muscle ups, 15 HSPU, 20 squat cleans (105) and a run.
Ok, here is where terror had been lurking all weekend. I knew this event was coming, but I couldn't really think about it until after the other three. At this point I knew if I finished this WOD in the time limit (15 minutes) I would have an amazing chance of finishing top 4. I got my turnout on the muscle up Wednesday before the Regional. I have never been able to do muscle ups AND HSPU in the same workout. I was exhausted and just praying to get through it. I hit my first muscle up and it had never felt so good. I got a bit excited and over shot the 2nd one, but that was my only miss. I kept knocking them out one at a time. I was feeling confident. I moved to the HSPU. The game plan was to knock out at least three with out breaking. Well, my very first one my feet came off the wall before I was locked out. No rep. I had to settle down and take it one at a time. I did not want to waste any reps. I didn't have much time. I ended up missing one more about half way through, but I stayed calm and got through all fifteen. I had about three minutes left going into the squat cleans. At this point, I knew finishing the WOD was a long shot, but I was going to give it my all. I knocked out fourteen squat cleans before time was called. I was elated and devastated all at the same time. I did something I had never done before, ten muscle ups with turnout followed by HSPU's! However, I knew because I didn't finish that every other girl that finished would automatically finish ahead of me overall.

Six girls finished the last WOD within time. Four other girls (myself included) made it to the squat cleans. The rest of the field, thirty three women, did not make it either past the muscle ups or HSPU's. I was one of ten ladies to make it through those horrible movements. They are huge weaknesses of mine and I DID IT. Knowing that if I had finished within the time limit I would have probably qualified breaks my heart, but I could not have done it differently or faster. I just needed to be faster on my HSPU's and I wasn't.

It is what it is. I'm proud of myself and our team and all the other individuals from CFJ! I have a lot of years left and I am just now really starting to see how good I could be and will be. This was my last time to compete in this region for a while since we'll be moving up north. I can't lie, I'm not too sad about losing the heat. The sun definitely came out to play this last weekend. However, I'm really sad that I won't be representing CrossFit Jenks next time I compete.

I met some amazing people, saw some incredible performances and had a great time. I'm taking the next month to really let my body heal and work on my flexibility and speed. I'm also giving myself a week to not worry about my diet. Twizzlers never tasted as good as they did after that last event on Sunday!

There was some incredible paleo food at the regional! Beef fajitas sans tortillas and kabobs! Lots of guacamole which always makes me happy. GSX in Fort Worth put on a stellar event, but I'm incredibly glad it is over. Now I can relax. Hallelujah!


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  2. You're my hero Ginny. Truly you have no idea how inspiring you are!

  3. Angie you are too kind. You should have seen everyone out there. They were all amazing. I saw a girl hit her first muscle up EVER almost ten minutes into the last WOD and then she got two more. It was so cool!