Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day Four...

...Of strict paleo! After last week's complete mishap I decided I would go strict this week to kick myself back into gear. I'm feeling great. I found some great turkey burgers at Target on Sunday. They are Jennie-0 93% lean. The package comes with four perfectly portioned 4oz patties. Each has 120 calories, 5g fat and 24g protein. woo! woo! Do I sound like a product placement pitch on the Biggest Loser? I think I do. Biggest Loser loves their Jennie-O turkey!

Anyway, instead of mixing ground turkey meat with my bare hands it is nice to be able to just throw the already sized burger on the George. I had my last one today for lunch with some avocado and a V8. I know, a V8 may not technically be strict paleo, but I couldn't look a salad if my life depended on it today. Sometimes I just have those kind of days. I needed some veggies and it did the trick. I had a Lemon Larabar for a snack this afternoon which satisfied my sweet tooth. I love lemon. Ohhhh how I love it.

Tonight I will be grilling up chicken for the rest of the week. I have one zucchini left for a small portion of noodles one night. Also, I found some beautiful portobello mushrooms that will be grilled as well! I think I'll slice up some red onion to go with it. Suddenly I really love onions. It is a completely strange transition for me. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought I would use the words love and onions in the same sentence. Apparently you can train yourself to like anything if you try hard enough.

One month until sectionals. Keeping it clean!


  1. I'm so impressed with your determination, Ginny. :)

  2. oh man, i might have to get some of those turky burgers! good source of protein, and im a huge fan of pre-portioned food.

  3. Ginny, I have been following your blog since you convinced me back in August to try Paleo. I have not been able to continue Crossfit due to an achilles tendon tear last May. I did continue Crossfit until I HAD to quite in November (remember I was in a cast at one of your parties).Two weeks ago I did finally concede to surgery and am on my recovery path. I have gone back to eating Paleo since I am not able to do any form of exercise while I am healing. I started Paleo back on February 8th and as difficult as it is for me, I haven't had any cheat days. I remember before you posted a turkey/ground pork sausage recipe. I did not try it until tonight and it was fabulous (next time I will not use the recommended amount of sea salt, I will use less). I highly recommend it. You are truly an amazing lady and I want to thank you for all the useful information that you share with us. I am sad to hear that you will moving to Michigan but know that you have to stand by your man. I wish you and your husband all the best. Take care. Sherri Lee

  4. I love Jenny-O products. I just discovered Jenny-O turkey bacon. It is far superior to any other brand of turkey bacon out there. It is so good! I know it isn't paleo-friendly, but I think it is an excellent source of protein. It tastes better than regular bacon, in my opinion. Hurray for Jenny-O! Maybe if we talk about it enough, Jenny-O will be your CrossFit sponsor;)