Monday, February 22, 2010

What Do You Do When... have been out of town all weekend and return to an empty refrigerator?

That was the question I was faced with this morning. I was out of town all weekend and returned home early this morning. I gave myself just enough time to drop my dog off at the house, grab clothes for the gym and head off to work. I tried to scrounge up some paleo friendly food for lunch knowing that I would be unable to venture out to grab anything. Busy day. The only problem was, I had no cooked meat. I didn't even have raw meet or frozen meat. I had some spinach that would probably be better cooked than eaten as a salad and a bag of carrots. Apparently someone is heading to the store this evening.

Luckily, I had some Johnsonville Turkey Sausage links. I had bought these in case of this very situation. I need protein and need it fast! Yes, it is processed, but when you are left with the choice of a processed turkey sausage link or oatmeal and granola bars...I'm going with the turkey sausage every time!

This turkey sausage is actually pretty decent. 110 calories, 6 grams of fat (only 1.5 saturated), 10 grams of protein and 4 carbs. In a perfect paleo world my protein would be over 20 grams per serving, a little lower in fat and no carbs. Today, however, I did not live in a perfect world. Today I lived in a, "This is hectic and you're busy so do the best you can" kind of world. My nuts aren't raw and my fruit is dried. Did I mention I was completely out of food? Thanks goodness for my water and carrots! Tonight I'm grabbing a giant salad at the Reasor's salad bar. My body is craving some greens.

By the way, if you live in the Tulsa or Oklahoma City area check out Sports Night Oklahoma tonight on the Cox Channel. I'm going to be on talking about CrossFit! 6:30PM and 10PM on Cox Channel 3 in Tulsa and Cox Channel 7 in OKC. Here is hoping that I don't make a complete fool out of myself...

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