Monday, July 26, 2010


The other day I dropped into Reasor's after my workout. Pretty typical of me to walk in covered in chalk, sweat and other CrossFit goodness. I headed over to the produce because I was running seriously low on fruit. I typically go for berries and grapefruit. A man was stocking something I hadn't seen before. Gooseberries. Hmmmmm....

I have heard of gooseberry pie, but I really had no idea what you did with gooseberries. I decided to grab a small container. They weren't too expensive, less than the other berries. I was proud of myself for picking up something new.

The next day I headed to work with my little baggie of gooseberries. I was all excited to tell my co-workers what they were when they saw them. Then I ate them....

Sour. Not sweet. Not really good at all.

I did a little research on gooseberries. Here is what Wikipedia had to say about the very cute gooseberry and their culinary uses:

"Gooseberries are best known for their use in desserts such as Gooseberry Fool and Gooseberry Crumble. In some countries, like Portugal, gooseberries are very appreciated as a beverage, being mostly used mixed with soda, water or even milk."

Apparently most people don't eat the berry raw. Most people would cook it down. I read that helps bring out the sweetness. Well, I tried. I probably will not be making gooseberry pie. I'm just too lazy.

Have any of you ever had success with the gooseberry? It is just such a cute little berry...I imagined it tasting completely different!

In Skill of the Month News:
I got three pistols the other day AND I walked on my hands for about five feet. I have never done that before. Quite an accomplishment.

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  1. I saw those and passed right by them because I have never eaten them. I also saw they had some red currants and passed on those too. I should be more adventurous.

    Congrats on the pistols and walking on your hands - those are both awesome!