Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Yesterday during my lunch hour I was out running some errands. I decided to stop quickly at Qudoba and pick up some lunch. I was without food at work, which is always a mistake, but I can actually find some great paleo friendly meals at Qudoba. Right now they have a fabulous mango salad. It is basically greens topped with chicken and mango salsa. Instead of the dressing I get salsa verde and add a little guacamole. Oh my goodness it is so delicious and yes, very paleo and healthy!

Anyway, the line was moving at a very slow pace. This gave me the opportunity to observe the food choices made by those in front of me. I saw a guy about my age get a giant beef burrito filled with rice, beans, cheese and more cheese. I saw an overweight lady order a monstrous quesadilla and ships and salsa. I watched a teenage girl in front of me get nachos topped with ground beef, ladles of queso AND shredded cheese. The thoughts in my head were horrible. I kept thinking over and over what a horrible choices they were all making, how gross I would feel if I was eating that, etc. I wanted to run up to her and say, "No! Stop! Don't do it!" I wanted to smack myself in the face! Who am I to judge what other people eat? I started thinking about it and I do it all the time.

I have co-workers that talk to me about their "healthy" eating which includes loads of starchy carbs and dairy. I have to remind myself that at least they are trying to be conscious of their diet and make better choices. That is a very good thing. What works for me doesn't have to work for everyone else, but I do believe in the way I eat. I know people probably judge me all the time as I spoon sunflower seed butter from the jar into my mouth and follow it up with celery sticks. I am the "weird" girl.

Do others run into this problem as well? Do you think awful things about the choices others make? It makes me feel so guilty! I promise I'm actually a nice person.

I'm also having a serious craving from some trail mix today. I've been a little low on my fat lately so I am going to blame it on that. I need some macadamia nuts!

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  1. OH, you are my mini-me. Ha ha!

    I do that ALL the time. In the grocery store I notice the obese people loading up their carts with sugar-laden cereals and cookies and junk. I judge. It is one of my biggest flaws. And I feel horrible for it when I stop to think about it. I think it's human nature, really. I mean, someone in line at Qdoba was probably rolling their eyes and laughing at your salad. ;)