Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today I did something that I haven't done in years....

I went to Taco Bueno.

A little background....Taco Bueno is awesome. It was a regular for me in high school. My crew would be there for lunch at least once a week. We always purchased the number 3. What was the number 3 you ask? Pure awesomeness. A mexi dips and chips (double beans, no guac!) and a muchaco. Total cost = $4.08.

We would arrive with exact change. I didn't get the guacamole because I thought it was gross. I didn't try guacamole until my honeymoon and now I am obsessed with it. I loved that thick pita like bread on the muchaco. I loved the cheese, the beans, the pure lard fest that went on ever single time I walked in that place.

Since I was swimming two hours a day and then usually going to some sort of softball or soccer practice it wasn't a big deal. Plus, I was seventeen. Oh seventeen year old metabolism!

Today's visit was different. I'm not sure what drew me to the TB today, but something did. I took a look at the menu and nothing really appealed to me....nothing I mean that would normally appeal to me at Taco Bueno. No tostadas, no bean burritos, not mexi dips and chips. I ordered a chicken taco salad sans cheese. I wasn't sure what else was on it, but I arrived home to find heaven in a take out bag. I scooped the sour cream off. I've never been a huge fan of sour cream anyway so no loss there. Then I saw it...a large, lovely scoop of guacamole. My first guacamole experience at Taco Bueno! I was excited this time.

I have to say the salad was quite good. I didn't eat the taco shell and I was quite satisfied when I was finished. The chicken was tasty, the lettuce and tomatoes were very fresh, I had plenty of salsa and lots of guacamole. I was a happy girl. Don't be afraid of fast food places. Honestly, I think fast food Mexican is about as good as you can get. There is always some sort of salad with lean protein and healthy fat. Today was a good reminder that there is no excuse to eat unhealthy...not even at Taco Bueno!

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  1. I looked at their nutritional values to make sure you didn't get tricked into eating a bunchof sugar hidden somewhere, and guess what? You didn't! You had a healthy meal! Nice!!