Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shrimp and Salsa

We have been a one car family for the last five days. It was fine at first, but now it is just flat out annoying. I haven't been able to go to the store and my fresh food supplies are on the decline. I had to be a little inventive today.

Thankfully I had some hard boiled eggs on hand. I love to have those in my fridge ready to go when I need some quick protein. Plus, my dog loves the hard boiled yolk so I always give her a piece if I'm not eating all of it. I had one egg left today which I saved for lunch.

I have some ground turkey which I haven't got around to cooking yet. I was feeling lazy and not in the mood to drag out The George even though it is super easy. Then I remembered the other day I bought some shrimp! It was previously frozen, but had defrosted in my fridge over the last few days. I decided to fill a bowl with the cute pre cooked baby shrimp and I topped it with some fresh salsa!

It wasn't the fanciest of lunches, but it did the trick. It was fast, easy and full of protein. If you make sure to have good food on hand you can always turn it into something yummy!

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