Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cheat Proof Your Life

Last night we were craving something sweet. It was about 10PM, we had been gulping down Diet Dr. Pepper and we were watching Arrested Development Season 1 on DVD. Bad combination when it comes to cravings! In an effort to prepare for Saturday I have not been grocery shopping. I didn't want to stock up on our non Paleo "healthier" treats like Jello sugar free chocolate pudding, low fat cinnamon graham crackers or peanut butter that will soon be off limits. Unfortunately, I did have eggs, butter and a package of Betty Crocker oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix in the kitchen. This prompted a late night baking spree. While we had a great time baking and eating cookies, it was a good reminder of how important it is going to be to have your home become a cheat proof environment. The less tempted you are the less likely you are to cheat.

How Do I Cheat Proof My House?
Easy. Throw it out. You aren't going to eat it for the next month. Hopefully, none of us will want it back after the month is over. Seriously, Friday night Throw. It. Out. Don't worry about wasting money. The results will outweigh the costs. If you are really worried about wasting food, donate it. Take your cans of beans, granola bars and cake/cookies mixes to a food bank. That way you can help yourself and others. Brilliant!

But My Spouse/Roommate Isn't Participating!
Now, if you have a spouse or roommate that is not participating this could be more difficult. Make sure you talk to them about your goals for the next month. Have them help you stay accountable. Try to work out a system where they store some of their evil food away from all your beautiful Paleo goodness. Out of sight, out of mind. Yes, it is going to be more difficult for you because of this situation, but that does not mean it is hopeless. This is not an excuse to fail. If you cheat, you are making the choice to cheat. No one in your home is shoving food down your throat. If they are then I suggest you try to find different living arrangements.

What About My Friends and Co-Workers? They Won't Understand.
Then educate them. Tell them what you are doing just like you are going to tell the people you live with. Tell them not to even offer you a pastry or cookie. My job calls for lunch meetings out of the office and we regularly get treats from vendors. Yes, it is very hard sometimes to resist. I'm going to do it though. You can bet on that. Make sure you always have Paleo friendly snacks in your desk at work, in the car or in your purse. Again, you are the only one that can make yourself cheat. It is never the fault of someone else. It will be yours. Don't make excuses. Be prepared.

More On Artificial Sweeteners
Yesterday I touched on how I am cutting out diet soda because of the artificial sweeteners. I failed to mention that this means all artificial sweeteners in general. Sugar free gum and Splenda in your coffee are out. Remember, artificial sweeteners trick your senses and make you want to do naughty things. Don't give them the opportunity to win. I talked a bit about caffeine as well. While caffeine isn't great, it doesn't mean you have to go without your coffee. It does, however, mean you will not be adding cream or anything sweet to that coffee. If you can't drink it black then cut it out totally. You can do it.

Go Time
Ok, two days to go. I hope you are all ready for Saturday. I would love to know everyone who is joining in this month long project. Even if you aren't a CrossFit Jenks athlete and you somehow found this blog through blog stalking (which by the way is one of the best ways to find information!) let me know! Post what your thinking to the comments below each entry as we go through the month. The more people we have posting about their experience the more helpful it will be to everyone participating. Don't be shy. Keep us posted on your progress, your struggles and how your feeling. If you have questions about whether a food is or is not Paleo friendly then ask it. I'm not an expert, I really know nothing, but I love to do research so you can bet I will find the answer.


  1. I love your blog! I will be starting LEVEL 1- AUGUST 1ST. I am super pumped! For me this means I will allow myself one cheat meal per week. My plan of action is to eliminate sugar,artificial sweetners (which I'm not supposed to have anyway)and the majority of my grains. I think baby still wants original oats in the morning. : ) All meals and snacks will have a protein and fat and I'm really going to try to expand my fruit and veggie selections..this is going to be the hardest part! Good luck everyone!

  2. Oh as for dairy, I'll be keeping that in for a while until after baby gets here.

  3. I am so pumped about this. Sameul and I are with you 100% on this journey/challenge. Since I have been preparing for this next month by cutting certain things out (like dairy and grains) I have not had craveings for sweets, breads, or pastas like I thought I would! 6 pack I come!!!

  4. Ginny, I am loving your blog. Joe and I started paleo last Saturday (wanted to have a week in before I left for Colorado). We are only doing level I and I have to have my morning coffee!!! Thanks for all the info.

  5. Hi, Ginny! I am following your lead and have decided to take the Paleo challenge. Miraculously, I have convinced my husband to do the same! We are both really excited/nervous. We had our last non-Paleo meal tonight and I cannot wait to begin the mission. I love the blog, too.