Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When Life Gets In the Way

We all lead busy lives. In a perfect world we would always be able to make it to the gym, have perfect paleo meals and snacks and get our eight to nine hours of sleep all while balancing work and family. Today is not one of those weeks for me. I have a busy work week that will bring me in early and keep me late, plus other commitments that are going to keep me from getting the gym as much as I would like.

So what do you do when life throws your perfectly balanced life out of whack? Fight back. This week will not throw my nutrition into the toilet not matter how easy it might be for that to happen. I will not suffer from lack of sleep and I will get to the gym at least a couple days.

Since I knew in advance that this week was going to be chaotic, I planned ahead. I have five separate four ounce servings of pork cooked and waiting for me in my fridge. This will keep me from dreading cooking and hitting a drive thru late at night when I finally make my way home. I have apples and pears because they travel well and I don't need to keep them a fridge all day. I have mini bags of carrots and a couple of Larabars for when I am in a pinch and need fuel.

I may not be in a gym as much this week as I like, but my nutrition will be stellar and I will keep up with my sleep which is more important than most people realize. If I don't get a good nights sleep (less than eight hours) and can only make it to the gym at 6AM then I forego the gym. As much as I hate that, I know it does my body more good to get an extra two hours of sleep than to suffer through a pitiful work out. This doesn't mean I use that as an excuse, I love being at the gym. I just know my body will benefit more from rest at this point. Rest does a body good.

Some other quick, no prep needed snacks I have on hand this week:
Almond butter
Unsalted, raw cashews
Water...lots and lots of water!

Remember, preparation is the key.

What do you do to make sure you stay on track when you get busy with work, kids, family...life?

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  1. Hi, Ginny! I'm glad you're able to stay on track, despite a chaotic week. I have been doing my best to eat healthy since December 30th. It has been hard, but I'm down 6 pounds! Yay! That is six pounds I won't have to lift in pull-ups. I find that, like you, the only way I can successfully eat healthy is by preparing meals ahead of time. Work, the gym and chores around the house take up so much time. I need to have all the my meals planned for the next few days to make sure I don't give up. This means I frequently take huge amounts of food to work: mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, etc. Oh, well! I guess the most important thing is that I have my own food handy so I don't reach for the candy bowl. Or go to a drive-through. Yay for giant snack sacks!