Monday, April 11, 2011

Confession Time

I posted this on Facebook yesterday:

"Thank God for Twizzlers and Cinnamon Rolls. Yup, I said that."

I did mean every word. Yes, I know it goes against a lot of what I say and what I normally do. I have also always been very upfront that I think it is 100% impossible to eat 100% paleo 100% of the time. At least, for me it is. It is unrealistic. I like treats too much. However, I know how restrain myself and not go overboard.

Let me set the scene so you know how I came to that Facebook statement.

This week was week three of the CrossFit Open. The wod this week was an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of a squat clean and a jerk. Each movement counted for one point so a full clean and jerk was two points. The weight was 165# for men and 110# for women. Heavier, but manageable.

I had set a goal of getting thirty five reps. That is a lot. I know. On Friday I attempted the wod and got thirty full reps and one squat clean. I felt really good about the outcome. I knew I wanted more, but I was sitting in a good spot in the standings. No need to freak out and try again. However, I told myself if on Sunday I felt up for it I would give it another go. This is the type of wod I need to to more frequently. Heavier, fast and lots of reps. I actually want to start incorporating part of this into my weekly strength training with a shorter time domain. It is good to challenge yourself!

I worked out Saturday like normal. Sunday I was feeling fine so I showed up at the gym with a couple of other OKC'ers. I have to admit, prior to starting I was feeling very blah. The bar felt heavy and I wasn't feeling spunky. My approach was, "You already have a good score. Just pick it up and go. " I do so much better when I don't put pressure on myself. I knocked out thirty four reps. I had about six seconds to spare. My husband was kindly encouraging me to get another clean as I just turned around and sat down. I was done.

This brings me to my Facebook post. I was happy. My guilty pleasure is Twizzlers. They were the first thing I consumed after regionals last year and they are usually the first thing I want when I decide I'm going to indulge. It works for me. A small treat and when it is gone I am satisfied. I love my Twizzlers. On our way home we stopped to get a drink AND a nice little pack of Twizzlers all for me. I enjoyed every bite.

What is your guilty pleasure? Your special reward? Everyone has one and it is 100% OK to give yourself that wiggle room every now and then...even when you are training. It is good for your mental state. I know it is good for mine.

Don't worry, as I write this I'm drinking lots of water, eating turkey sausage and my almond butter.


  1. I smiled when I saw that on Facebook yesterday. I know enough about you to know that you don't just sit around eating bag after bag of Twizzlers, and was pretty sure you'd earned a treat.

    My indulgence is without a doubt, always beer of some kind or another. I'm thankfully not real big on sweets.

  2. Nice post, Ginny. I don't know that I have anything I would consider a "guilty pleasure." I am about 80/20 most days. The 20% keeps me sane - my one or two beers at dinner, a few dark chocolate chips here and there, ketchup. Yes, ketchup. I get the Heinz without the HFCS but it's still sugary. You can have your Twizzlers. I like ketchup. Tom R.

  3. Ginny, I'm with you 100%. Twizzlers are what makes the world go around. When I was a kid every year one of my Christmas presents would be a large tub of Twizzlers from Sam's. Looking back this answers a lot of questions about my struggle to eat clean. However, there is nothing more satisfying than some fruit-flavored high fructose corn syrup. Don't even get me started on gummy bears!