Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crystal Clear

We go through dishes really fast at our house. It seems like all twenty four of our spoons (twelve small, twelve large) are dirty in three days. Between two people, that seems pretty fast. The same goes for our cups. We use a lot of plastic cups in our house. Not the disposable plastic cups, but the novelty kind. They don't match, but they are functional. We are pretty low maintenance when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Yesterday, all of our trusty plastic wear was dirty. ::sigh:: We have a set of really pretty glass glasses that we got for our wedding. They have a little bubble in the bottom that is so cute. I fell in love with them when we registered for our wedding five years ago. We just don't use them that often unless people are over. I grabbed one of the small bubble glasses for my morning water since all my other options were dirty.

As I was watching the glass fill up I noticed something...the water was really pretty and soothing. I know, that sounds so silly, but I was completely mesmerized by the bubbles and flow of the water in my glass bubble glass! I had never really noticed before because I always use plastic.

It made me start thinking about how simple and beautiful it was at the same time. How wonderful, pure, clean items are refreshing and lovely. It made me want to keep filling up my glass throughout the day. I drank SO much water. I felt awesome.

My new rule: Never drink water out of a plastic glass. I want to enjoy the purity of it. Seeing it helps remind me how clean items help keep my body clean. An easy reminder that I am making a good choice for my body and my health!

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