Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good News

Today I went to the store for the first time in almost two weeks. I was trying out a new economical system. It was called, starving ourselves. :) Basically the plan was to just clean out the entire house before I went to the store again so we could save money. That worked OK, until all we had left were cans of beans, two mini Larabars and an avocado. The Mr. wasn't such a fan of my plan.

It actually worked out great that he kindly requested a shopping trip because now I have eggs, pork chops, lean steak, celery and almond butter (ahhhh heaven), bananas, natural almonds and some dried fruit for the Mr. to make his own trail mix. Yes, it feels good to have a house full of good food again.

The most amazing part is that we went one whole week without Diet Dr. Pepper in the house. For me, that is perfectly fine. For him, it is like asking someone to not breathe for one week. We survived though. No worries.

Probably the most exciting thing I can report, however, is that I only have one WOD left to go in the CrossFit Open! Hallelujah. I cannot tell you how excited I am to get the final WOD completed and in the books. If it wasn't for a phenomenal rip on my right hand during the fifth WOD, I would be doing WOD 6 this weekend and be done with it. Thanks toes to bar. I knew I hated you. Minor rips are major for me...I don't rip often so I don't handle the healing process well. More than likely it means I will wait until next week to get 11.6 completed, but that is fine with me.

This has been such a great learning process for me. Things that used to make me nervous now don't make me nervous at all (muscle ups). It has made me keep pushing myself because there is always someone somewhere that is kicking my butt. It has helped me stay in the moment and not freak out when a rep doesn't go well or I feel like I'm slowing down. Just keep moving. One rep after another. Stay focused. Just breathe.


  1. my wife and I are starting Paleo this week and we live in OKC. I was curious where you have found is the best place to shop for Paleo friendly food. We found we had to go to a couple different stores to do our first week's worth of shopping. Any ideas? Thanks.

  2. We did 11.6 this morning. While I'm no firebreather (like you) I actually kind of enjoyed it.

    Enjoy all your healthy yummy food!