Monday, April 4, 2011


I don't know what my deal is. I go to the store. I buy lots of wonderful, clean foods. Celery, carrots, strawberries, pork, lean steak, eggs, etc. I have great plans of what I will make each evening for dinner. I have visions of zucchini noodles dancing through my head. However, as I should know with my life track record, my plans almost 85% of the time do not plan out. Why? Because life is unpredictable. Sure, it doesn't help that I have a husband who has no control over his schedule. I like to eat with him. I hate cooking for one so when he can't make it home at a decent hour I tend to forgo my lovely meal plans and eat some hard boiled eggs and almonds. Ugh. The problem with this, besides the fact that my food choices for dinner get boring, is that all the good meat I buy goes out of date! It ends up going in the freezer on the "Use By" date and usually doesn't make it's way out of the freezer. Does anyone else have this problem? This morning I am going through my fridge trying to make sure nothing is out of date and what do I see?? A package of pork chops and two beautiful steaks that have a "Use By" date of TODAY. AHH! I was not about to let the freezer eat my food again. I just finished grilling my pork chops and the steak is being cooked for dinner matter what. I swear I just bought them two days ago, but my weeks go by so fast that I'm pretty sure they have been sitting there for almost a week. I am so embarrassed. I think I'm going to make a calendar and post it on my fridge. I am going to mark the calendar with the expiration dates of all the fresh food in my fridge so I don't have to dig through it anymore. Hopefully this will cut down on waste AND encourage me to keep eating healthy, clean meals for dinner. CrossFit Open Update: WOD 2 is done and in the books. I'm really happy with how it went. I only hope the next four weeks are as positive regardless of outcome. Speaking of outcome, there has been a lot of negativity about The Open. I have had my few choice thoughts and words about it. Today on CrossFit Lisbeth she had a GREAT post. Please go here and read it even if you aren't a CrossFitter. It is all about perspective. Sometimes we all need a little bit of that when we get wrapped up in our own crazy world.

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  1. I have a little white board on my fridge that a write each week's menu on. I stick to it almost religiously. Even if my husband is out of town, I will go ahead and cook. If I have to cook his portion and put it in the fridge, I'll take it for lunch the next day. I hate wasting food, especially all those nice clean veggies and fruit that cost a fortune!!