Friday, October 16, 2009

Trying to Behave

I'm trying to be on my best behavior. I'm doing my best to stay patient with my hip and eat as clean as possible. Being away from the gym is driving me crazy. Everyday I visit CFJ's site and gaze longingly at the WOD and the posted times. I want to post a time. I want to be on the leader board. I hate waiting, but wait I must.

I've cut out almost all fruit this week due to my lack of physical activity. I miss my grapefruit in the morning. I had cut back to one serving a fruit a day a few weeks ago and usually I would eat that right after my workout. It has been easier than I thought, although that pesky tub of raisins just calls out to me when I am eating my walnuts and almonds.

My hip is feeling a lot better. No pain unless I move it awkwardly. I think it will probably be another week of no weights/squatting. Hopefully next week I can start doing some elliptical, biking and swimming. I have been walking and stretching this week and doing upper body that doesn't put a strain on my hip (pull-ups/push-ups). I'm continuing to be cautious and not come back too early.

Must. Get. Well.

Eat clean.

Quick Tid Bit...
I got a massage earlier this week. I have had a gift card for almost a year and decided to go for it. She kept remarking about how tight I was. Shocker. I felt bad for her trying to work out all the tension in my back and shoulders. She did though, and it was awesome. She comments, "Do you drink a lot of water?" I replied yes and told her how I quit Diet Coke there months ago. She proceeded to tell me she could tell because my skin looked so good and was really soft...softer than the twelve year old she had seen earlier that day. Score for water.

Water...the fountain of youth. Drink it.

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