Monday, March 22, 2010


My week of binge eating is over. OK, maybe it wasn't binge eating, but I assure you that I did not worry too much about what kind of food I put in my mouth last week.

Last night I kicked off the week on the right note. I grilled up some delicious, lean steaks for me and the Mr. I also roasted some asparagus and carrots in olive oil and garlic. Yum! Prior to cooking dinner I grilled up four pieces of chicken to have them ready for lunches for the next few days. Sadly, I think something went wrong. The chicken just has a very strange taste. No, the chicken had not gone bad. I did grill some kabobs the day before on my George. I don't think I cleaned it off well enough and some of the remains of the marinade soaked into my chicken breasts. They don't taste bad, they just taste...strange. I love the George, but I'm not the best at cleaning it extremely well every time I use it which is horrible, I know.

Water is my best friend this week. Water makes me feel better than anything else I put in my body. It is fresh and clean and just down right refreshing. I have just over two months until regionals and my diet is going to be clean as a whistle until then. Luckily, I already have my post regionals meal planned thanks to Nicole. Joe T's in Fort out!

A final thought today, take care of your body. You only get one. If it is hungry, feed it good things. If it is tired, give it good rest. If it is weak, make it stronger.

A few other side notes:
I have a sinus infection. Annoying.
I'm going to get a muscle up this week. Determined.


  1. I'm rooting for you on the muscle up! You will do it! Hope you get over that sinus infection quickly.

  2. "I did not worry to much about what kind of food..."

    LOL! Two cups of coffee with REAL cream for me yesterday.Priceless!A little comfort food occasionally is OK...the exception and not the norm.