Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sectionals Update and More Confessions!

Sectionals was this weekend and it went great! I felt prepared, I felt rested and I felt healthy. I had goals for myself and I achieved most of them. I'm very happy with how it all played out. All of the competitors from CrossFit Jenks did outstanding! It was so awesome to see everyone out there giving it everything they had. No one gave up. Everyone rocked it.

I want to take a quick second to brag on these ladies:

This is a picture of myself (far right) and the three fabulous females from our gym (Jennifer, Christina and Paige) that also competed. We have all been training hard together for months. Any given day in the gym any one of us will beat the other. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. We all push each other. I know that none of us would be the well rounded athletes we are without the others. Way to go this weekend ladies! All four of us qualified to go onto regionals in May. What an accomplishment! Along with us, two other men from our gym qualified as well. Way to go guys! Over all, our gyms will have seven athletes at regionals. We already had one pre-qualified male. Seven athletes! That is amazing.

Confession Time:
I told myself after the competition was over I was going to give myself a treat and boy did I! The very first thing I ate after sectionals was a glorious cookies and cream ice cream shake. I could not tell yo the last time I had real ice cream. Oh. My. It never tasted so good. Since I went on my post sectional binge, it has a bit hard to get back on track. Granted, it is has only been three days and I had been spot on with my diet for months leading up to sectionals. I'm giving myself through St. Patrick's Day to enjoy the ride and then get back on the straight and narrow. I have regionals to prepare for!

One thing I do know, if you are going to enjoy something that is off your normal clean diet, make sure it is worth it. I had a real ice cream shake...not a fake one. My shake satisfied my sweet tooth and I didn't need more. I enjoyed every single bit of it. I enjoyed every bite of my chicken quesadilla that evening and every bite of my Chick-Fil-A sandwich last night! Who is this girl, right? There is never anything wrong with indulging, just make sure that is all it is...an indulgence and not a way of life.

Remember, when you eat clean you can do things like this...fast!


  1. I feel kinda famous being featured on your blog :)

    Ginny, you are awesome! Can't wait for you to kick butt at Regionals!

  2. Ginny, I love how honest and humble you are. What a great leader and example you are for all of us.
    Can't wait for you to kill it at Regionals!!

  3. Ginny, you and all three of those other ladies are nothing short of phenomenal! I'm so proud of you, so inspired by you - all of you - every day! You certainly deserve a few days of indulgence.