Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Get Pumped!

I'm really excited.

I'm really pumped.

I'm utterly and completely fired up.

CFJ is starting a paleo/zone challenge! Twelve weeks. All out. Take no prisoners paleo. Yes, I have been trying to eat like a cave-women since August. However, I feel like I have become a bit lackadaisical about it. Now is a chance to reignite that flame for good, clean food. I'm not saying I was ever wavering from my culinary lifestyle choice, but it is always good to have something to hold you accountable. That is why I started this blog when I challenged myself to go strict paleo for a month.

It worked. I got hooked.

I'm so excited for all the CFJ members who are going to experience this for the first time.

Yes, it can be a difficult change, but the benefits....Oh the benefits! No more feeling disgusting after a starchy, (bad) fatty meal, more energy, better health and a lean, mean body. I find if very difficult to believe that anyone who takes this challenge for twelve weeks will be able to go back to not thinking about what they eat ever again. Sure, people will tailor their diet to fit their needs after the challenge. I know I did. There are things I let myself have every now and then that aren't paleo.

Honestly, I might go clinically insane if I ate 100% paleo 100% of the time.

90% I can handle. 90% is an awesomely clean diet.

We are also offering incentive to stick with it. Details will be announced soon. This is not my brain child. Nicole and Matt got the ball rolling and got everyone excited. Way to go guys! My husband is convinced he is going to win. Honestly, he probably has a pretty good shot. I have always admired and hated his ability to lean out so fast when he gets serious. I want a male metabolism.

Along with getting strict again with my diet, I have a few goals I am setting for myself before regionals come along at the end of May. I may not reach all of them, but if I don't set them I won't have anything to work towards. Goals are a must. Set some for yourself today. Write them down and tell someone else. That makes it real. Here are mine:
  • Get a muscle up
  • 275lb deadlift (My least favorite lift. I hate working heavy sets.)
  • 40 consecutive pull ups
  • Improve my 400 m run (no time goal, just get faster overall)
  • Improve my flexibility so I can do a legit L-sit with my legs fully extended. Currently, I'm not flexible enough to do this. So pathetic. Yoga once a week will help me out tremendously!
Don't be afraid of failure. You learn from failing.

What are your goals? Feel free to post them hear loud and proud for the world to see! 3-2-1- GO!

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