Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Healthy is Easy

I just have to rave a bit about my dinner last night. I love Mexican food and I love a good salad. Last night I made paleo taco salads. I guess there really isn't much "taco" about it, but still....yum.

I grilled up about 3/4 lb of 93% lean ground beef and split it equally between myself and my hubby. My meant went on top of a huge portion of beautiful, leafy greens.I diced up an avocado and split it equally as well. He got a nice portion of some shredded cheese on his and then I topped both off with lots-o-salsa. I did use some taco seasoning for the meat

It was extremely simple. I thought I would maybe miss the beans and cheese, but I didn't. I devoured that thing like I hadn't eaten in weeks. So good! Meals like that are a good reminder that it is extremely easy to eat healthy and still have yummy food. The whole dish took me fifteen minutes max...and that included cleaning my skillet.

Tonight I am grilling turkey breast chops and roasting some asparagus. I have become an asparagus lover lately. Very strange, but with a little garlic and sea salt it is delicious. I also have a sweet potato that might be calling my name.

Water and lots of sleep are going to be my two best friends over the next few days. Saturday will be here before we know it! I'm excited to see how the last seven months of paleo are going to help me this weekend. I think I'm going to be a big bundle of energy...which is exactly what I'll need!

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  1. Your taco salad sounds great! I love quick, easy meals. I don't do paleo, but I will say you make it sound pretty easy sometimes.

    You are going to be amazing this weekend!