Monday, September 28, 2009


This Saturday our gym traveled to CrossFit OKC to participate in the annual CrossFit Fight Gone Bad fundraiser. OKC has a great facility and a lot of great people. We all had a fantastic time. Thanks for having us guys! On top of a great workout, they hosted a fabulous post FGB cookout. I love post workout eating. I had some grilled chicken (which was to die for), a great cabbage salad (must find the recipe) and of course lots of fruit and veggies. I did indulge in a mini piece of so papilla cheesecake which is a long time favorite among my college friends. Yum.

It started out as a great, healthy CrossFit/paleo kind of day. That was until....Outback. My husband returned Saturday morning from a two month stint in Michigan for medical rotations. I was beyond excited to see him. We decided a date night was in order. Outback was all over the TV during the Florida/Kentucky game that day. They kept advertising this honey dijon chicken with sweet potato fries. Needless to say, we were both craving some Aussie goodness by halftime. Florida had the game well in hand so we headed to Outback.

Never in my right mind did I think I would fall off the wagon like this:
  • Half loaf of the best bread ever
  • Two chicken quesadillas (appetizer)
  • Caesar Salad (I did resist the croutons)
  • Honey Dijon Chicken (OK in my book)
  • Every last sweet potato fry on my plate (oh goodness)
  • HALF Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Pie (no comment)
I almost needed to be rolled out of there. Meals like that are great reminders of why I am sticking with paleo. I never want to feel like that after I eat ever again. It was so good while it happened, but so wrong when it was over. Hopefully we both learned a lesson in self control. I had to share my sins. Today is a new day and my salad full of chicken, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, sunflower seeds and olive oil never tasted better.

Don't let a bad meal or a bad day ruin your pursuit of nutritional perfection! Tomorrow is a new day! Keep it up.

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  1. Whoah! Well, I'd say a little indulgence was due since you've been so dedicated to paleo. I'm back on the paleo wagon and it feels...mildly good. Truth be told, I'm sick of meat. However, it's so nice to not have the guilt of eating like a Biggest Loser contestant. Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels. That is my mantra and I have to tell myself that every time I see a commercial for any Mexican restaurant.