Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CrossFit Games 2010

A few details regarding the 2010 CrossFit games were released on the games site website yesterday. Yes, it is September and the games aren't until July, but it is never too early to start getting mentally prepared. Believe me...I am a planner...I'll be obsessing about it from now until game time.

In May I competed in the my regional and placed 10th. The top five qualified for the games. It was a great learning experience. It was a chance for me to see how I really stacked up against other females and what areas I needed to improve on to be more competitive. I've been working extremely hard since the qualifiers. My goal is to make it to the games. This year, however, things are going to be a little bit different.

Ever since I read the few details on the games site my head has been spinning. What kind of area are the sectionals going to cover? How early are the sectionals going to be? What do I need to start doing in my training right now to get me as prepared as possible? Our qualifier was stacked. Three of the top five females actually placed in the top ten at the 2009 games. Wow! We had some amazing females. I've already competed against some of the very best. I know I have it in me to do well. Training does not start in December or starts now.

I'm also so grateful that I have made the adjustments in my nutrition. I can see the results paying off in WOD's. I am more motivated than ever to keep it up so I can keep seeing the great results. Why stop something that has done nothing but positive things for me? I've been incorporating a lot more veggies into my diet the past week. The Reasor's (Tulsa's grocery store wonderland) salad bar has been a life saver. I head over there during lunch and load up on leafy greens, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, egg whites, grilled chicken, sunflower seeds and olive oil. Yum.

I love setting goals for myself. I need something to work towards. My current goal is to get my first legit muscle up before the end of the month. I feel it coming any day now.

What goals are you setting for yourself? What keeps you motivated to keep your nutrition and workouts on track?

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