Monday, April 12, 2010

I Had a Theory...

...that anything would taste good if it was roasted in olive oi and garlic. Seriously, garlic is a life saver. I don't want to say I would eat garlic by itself, but I actually might. I love it that much. Last night I had the last of my grilled turkey cutlets and roasted some eggplant. Instead of using olive oil I used avocado oil. The bottle said it was supposed to be good on salads and tomatoes so I assumed that meant it would be good on roasted eggplant as well. Hmmmm....

I'm not sure where I went wrong. I have had eggplant before, but I grilled it on my George. Maybe roasting eggplant isn't the way to go? It got very mushy, but it was a spongy mushy. Off the grill it had a firmer texture which I enjoyed more. Or maybe it was the avocado oil? Maybe I should have stuck with the EVOO. The garlic was wonderful...nothing went wrong there!

Needless to say, I had to force myself to choke down my veggies last night. That is the worst feeling. Maybe I just thought I liked eggplant last time I had it? Maybe I like the idea of eggplant more than the actual act of eating eggplant?

They are a gorgeous looking vegetable. Anyone have some suggestions on how to prepare this little wonder? I want to really branch out with my veggies and I'm very disappointed in my taste buds today!


  1. Did you bleed the water out of the eggplant first? I usually slice it and put it between two kitchen towels or paper towels. Salting it is the "old fashioned" way of drawing the liquid out, but all that salt is really unnecessary. Just press it between two towels. That usually keeps it from being spongy.

  2. Amazing Angie! I had no idea. I will have to try that next time because I definitely didn't do anything like that. I just sliced and roasted. :)

  3. I agree with Angie. They are supposed to "sweat" before being cooked. I'm interested in making eggplant hummus instead of using chickpeas. It is supposed to be delicious... and paleo! I'll let you know.