Monday, April 19, 2010

I Need to Make an Effort to.... more fish!

I love seafood. It is a good thing I love it because it is a wonderfully healthy source of protein. Fish is also a great source of omega 3 essential fatty acids. Here is a good website about some of the benefits of fish. This probably goes without saying, but the healthiest way to prepare your fish is to either poach, bake or grill your protein.

I have a lot of wild caught salmon in my freezer. I'm hoping to not be too lazy to take time to defrost it and broil some up this week for dinner. I'm starting to get a bit burned out on some of my go to proteins so it is time to mix it up!

Do you feel a little hesitant about buying fresh fish? I was at first because I had never bought fresh fish. It can be kind of intimidating. Don't be afraid to ask you butcher questions. They are always nice and very knowledgeable. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying your seafood. Thanks to Reasor's for the list! I love that place...

So here is your challenge for the week. If you never eat it! Shrimp, scallops, crab, tuna, grouper...take your pick and go for it. If you eat a lot of seafood, switch it up. If you always eat salmon and tilapia, go try some orange roughy or trout. Look for wild caught fish, not farmed raised if at all possible. Wild caught salmon is simply marvelous....

On a side note....
I have consumed more water today than I have in months. I will be on a bit of a different routine the next few weeks as I am covering a 6AM class at the gym. It is only a few days a week, but I'm making an effort to workout at 5AM prior to my 6AM class on those days. 4:30AM came early today...not like that is surprising to anyone. I keep thinking if I drink more water it will help my eyes feel more "awake". least I'm staying hydrated. And yes, I went to bed early. 9Pm! I think tonight will be another early night was well.

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  1. I love seafood, but it never tastes very fresh here in Oklahoma. I have heard that buying your fish at White River Fish Market is the best. That is where Bodeans buys their fish. Cole and I have been eating perch lately. Where on earth did you find wild caught salmon? It seems like everything I buy is farm-raised and injected with dye.