Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Feeling It

Day 5. I'm still holding strong. I'm not having cravings, but I did feel more hungry this morning than I have the past four days. Tomorrow morning I will eat more. Last night was the first time in a long time that I felt close to passing out during a CrossFit workout. I was dizzy and could not for the life of me catch my breath during those box jumps. I believe most of that was due to the heat. It was horrible. Hot and humid. I do live in Oklahoma though, I shouldn't except anything else during August. I still posted a decent time, but I was significantly slower than I anticipated. Has anyone else felt a difference, good or bad, in their workouts? During the day I still have tons of energy, so I'm not worried. I do think it will take a week or two for my body to really "adjust" to this type of diet. How do your workouts feel? Do you have energy? Do you feel strong?

Craving Something Sweet?
Yesterday I made a trip to Whole Foods. Oh Paleo goodness. I found some organic mango slices (dried) that are simply heaven. No sugar added, nothing, pure mango. They are scrumptious. Almost too sweet. There are also apples and a few other dried fruits that were totally natural with nothing added. If you pick any of these up remember to eat in extreme moderation. Yum! I've been sharing with my coworkers and they are all big fans.

Nut Butters
Be sure to check the labels of your nut butters. I know a lot of you have fallen in love with almond butter and rightly so, it is divine. Make sure there are no other ingredients besides nuts. I know I said this yesterday, but check for cane sugar. It sneaks in there sometimes. I checked out a lot of the nut butters at Whole Foods and many of them had added ingredients. Be aware! I had some hazelnut butter this morning with breakfast. Tasty!

Alright, let me hear how you are doing. If you are having trouble then comment about it! Someone will be able to help. We are here to encourage each other. I'm hearing good things from everyone at the gym. Keep it up one day at a time!

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