Monday, August 31, 2009

What Have You Learned?

Today is the last day of my official month long paleo experiment. I can't believe the month is over. I feel like it just started. Now the big question...what do I eat tomorrow?


The past month has taught me a lot about how and why eating clean is really a great way to look at nutrition. For the longest time I believed that what I ate didn't really matter because I was a good athlete despite loving Twizzlers and bagels. I love to play sports and be active. I am blessed with the ability to catch onto sports and athletic movements quickly. I have been active my entire life. That is not new to me. However, I was not blessed with these abilities because of my nutrition. This month, I proved to myself that my nutrition can actually enhance the abilities I already have. I can actually make myself better by eating better.


This month, despite the Oklahoma heat, I PR'ed multiple WOD's that I hadn't PR'ed in a while: Jackie, FGB, the evil SDHP/Thruster 5 rounder plus some PR's on Olympic lifts. It was awesome. Of course I don't know for sure that I hit these PR's because I was eating paleo, but I do know I felt awesome because I was eating paleo. That is enough proof for me.

Why would I want to give up on something that is making my quality of life so much better? I plan on adopting a 90/10 paleo lifestyle. I'll allow myself about two open meals a week. I look at food completely different now. I love to eat fresh, real food. I love not having packaged items in my grocery cart. It makes me feel so good.

Who would have ever thought that this girl could go to Red Robin without reaching for a fry (even though I was careful to never eat too many), eat at a Mexican restaurant without indulging in chips and salsa, or walk past a M&M bowl without snagging a couple chocolate goodies? I have made amazing progress and I don't plan to let all my hard work go to waste.

I have become a cave women for life.

Now what about you? What are your final thoughts about paleo? Were you happy with how you changed on the outside? How did it change the way you look at nutrition? Did you do this for pure vanity or to improve performance? Were you happy with your results? Are you going to indulge in a non paleo meal tomorrow?

I am going to keep this blog up. It may not be as regular, but I hope to start posting meals that I love and more paleo information. I am still not finished with The Paleo Diet for Athletes so I will continue to post about that as well. I really appreciate all of you following along. You all helped keep me accountable. Thank you!

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