Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Warrior

What a weekend. We are all now on day three of this Paleo adventure. I hope everyone is holding up well! This weekend was a huge test. I spent the weekend with my family and that means we went out to eat every single meal. If you want to know how to eat Paleo while not at home I am now and expert. Here is a brief rundown:

Chicken Grill Salad
No cheese or croutons
Olive Oil
Water with lemon

Red Lobster:
Garden salad with olive oil and a teeny tiny bit of vinegar. (No croutons)
Steamed broccoli
Wood grilled salmon
Steamed crab legs
NO cheddar biscuits even though they were calling to me the entire meal

LushBerries: The "new" Orange Tree. If you are ever in Edmond you must go to Orange Tree. This would be of course for an "open" meal. :)
Cup full of kiwi, blackberries, raspberries, honeydew melon and slivered almonds. No Yogurt. :(

Walt's Champagne Chicken Salad - this salad is AWESOME.
Chicken, pineapple, strawberries, dates, sunflower seeds and olive oil. YUM.
I omitted feta cheese or croutons and added avocado.
This kept me full for hours.

Delta Cafe:
Side salad with olive oil
Grilled chicken breast
Green beans - I know green beans are not technically a veggie, but as I have read they are "more green than bean" so when you have no other choice choose green beans.

I'm snacking on almonds, walnuts, grapes, carrots and Larabars. I'm feeling full. I notice out of habit I try to reach for Kody's Diet Dr. Pepper or crackers on the table. It is automatic. I don't even think, I just reach. This will take time to get over, but so far so good! I'm feeling awesome.

What were your struggles this weekend? What foods did you discover that you keep you full? Did anything surprise you? Did anyone already fall victim the the temptation to cheat?

Try mixing blueberries and walnuts together with your breakfast. It is a great boost in the morning!


  1. Ginny, you are my hero! We also had a tough weekend to start on! My grandma's 80th b-day celebration was on Saturday and dinner with my mom on Sunday...but we faired pretty darn good! Saturday at my grandma's party I ate shrimp (and a lot of it!), prime rib, grilled veggies, pinnapple slices and water. I did TASTE the crab cake and stuffed mushrooms but that was it...a tiny taste.
    Then on Sunday my mom made the most wonderful chicken (paleo friendly), cezar salad (I took out my crutons) along with a cheesy potatoe casserole and cheesy bread. I told her we started our new diet and she about cried, so I did taste her potatoe casserole. I am ready for CA now. I think this weekend was a good test that I can pass up on the food I used to eat without a problem.
    I have to be honest though...if I was at Red Lobster, I don't know if I could have held out on those biscuits!
    I took by beginning weight, measurements, BF%...and I am ready for results! 6 I come! :)

  2. Way to go Kelsey! I would have had a hard time staying away from cheesy potato casserole. I'm so proud of you! Good luck in Cali! Remember to keep lots of snack food with you...don't let yourself get hungry and cheat! :)

  3. Hi, Ginny! Well, I have to say that this new way of eating is a struggle for me. Mostly because I am having difficulty eating so much protein. I generally eat meat once a week. I am having trouble eating it for lunch and dinner. It seems like so much! I am also eating plenty of veggies, fruits and nuts, which is easy. The meat is no fun, though. Is it possible to do paleo and just eat meat every now and then? I want to make sure I get plenty of protein, but I don't think I can look at another serving of meat without gagging. I really wish beans were allowed...

    Also, I have met a LOT of resistance from friends and co-workers. People think I'm a lunatic with an eating disorder. I can't seem to convince them that this diet is healthy. Have you encountered any of the same? Most of the criticism I receive comes from people that eat fast food everyday at lunch. Interesting.

    I really applaud you and Kelsey for making it through the weekend without losing it! Family occasions bring out the hungry side of me and I am impressed that you both showed so much restraint.

  4. Allison...I also encounter the same "crackers" who poke fun of my eating. I have been eating different from them for over a year and just now they are coming to me asking me question about how they should eat since I have seen such amazing results and they are all still fat (b/c they eat out every meal and don't exercise). Some are actually joining me in my workout routines and eating habits just this month. So hang in there. A diamond has to go through some major heat before it becomes the beautiful jewel we see. This is worth it and it is good for us so don't forget that. And you will always have your CFJ crew here to help! Oh and eat meat, don't skip it.