Friday, August 14, 2009


This morning I had my first real battle with temptation, at least with my mind...not with my stomach. One of my reps dropped by to see me and brought none other than freshly baked bagels. They were from Old School Bagel which is new in town. Heaven help me. I am a self proclaimed bagel-holic. The first place I went after I got my drivers license was New York Bagel Shop (RIP New York Bagels...I miss you). I drove there in my mom's sweet light blue Quest minivan. Panera has since taken the top spot in my bagel loving heart. Those french toast bagels were made specifically with me in mind. ANYWAY, I have spent the entire morning smelling fresh bagels and watching my co-workers enjoy the grainy goodness. Honestly, after the initial shock of seeing them, holding the bag in my hands and realizing I would not have one, I feel fine. I'm not craving a bagel. Sure, they smell amazing. What doesn't smell great fresh out of the over? The temptation was all in my head. My stomach felt full. I didn't need a bagel to quiet growling hunger pains. My turkey sausage, fruit and almond butter took care of that for me this morning.

It is funny because I haven't thought about having a bagel my entire time on paleo. It wasn't until I was face to face with the beast that the thought even crossed my mind. Remember, out of sight out of mind. If you don't think you are ready to be presented with the challenge of resisting some of your favorite non paleo foods then don't even try.

Turkey Sausage Update
I made the turkey sausage last night. Yum. It turned out white since it is made with super lean ground turkey, but it had all the right spices that gave it that sausage flare. I made about twelve 1.5 oz patties. They are perfect for breakfast or a protein shot in the middle of the day. They cooked up nice on the George. They may taste better from the skillet, but I try to avoid standing over a stove if I can. I get bored watching meat cook.

Good luck this weekend. You are almost half way there!


  1. Have you ever had soysage? Can you eat that on paleo? I was just curious as to how it tasted....

  2. I will definitely be making the sausage recipe, Ginny. I am willing to try anything to get more protein in my body. I think I'm eating less protein now than before I started paleo, which is bad. I just get so sick of eating meat! However, little discs of meat a la turkey sausage sound wonderful right now. I think I know what I'm buying at the store this weekend! Did you make it to CrossFit today? If not, consider yourself lucky. It was awful.