Thursday, August 20, 2009

Your Co-Workers Know All About Paleo When...

...They don't question the 16oz bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or make shift cutting board sitting in plain site on your desk and the multiple avocado skins in your trash can. Thankfully I have really great co-workers who think the way I eat now is pretty cool. It makes sense to them, even though they say the wouldn't be able to resist the temptations. Yesterday we had a birthday celebration and I actually scooped the Blue Bell Birthday Cake ice cream for everyone. I didn't even lick my fingers. They all came into work this morning feeling horrible. Too much sugar.

How are those around you reacting to paleo?

If you are having trouble here is a great post that Melissa Byers wrote about negative reactions from friends and family. She know her stuff. Her thirty day challenge inspired my thirty day challenge.

More to come from The Paleo Diet for Athletes tomorrow.

I mixed some almond butter into my pumpkin last night. Now that was fantastic.

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  1. I am VERY proud of you Ginny!! I can already see your results!